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flange Safety Shield

PVC flange safety shields

Rectangle glass fabric flange safety cover and circular flange safety shields

PVC flange safety cover



Company Information


Baiyingwantongda Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production of "Lan Wei card" flange guard,antileak valve protection cover, insulation cover flanges, valves, insulation cover and other products company mainly produces flange shield, antileak valve protection cover other products has won the State Intellectual Property Office issued a patent certificate for utility model and design patent certificate in 2014.the products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries. such products for flanges and valves, fittings connections liquid leakage due to unpredictable, hightemperature steam splash can play an effective protection.our company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.our selection of highquality raw materials,to ensure that users can produce highquality flange protective cover products,in addition to products with the use of conventional standard flange outside, it can also be processed in accordance with the actual needs of customers.

Product Description


PVC flange safety cover


Material:PVC grid glass fabric,


Feature:temperature -15℃ to 70℃,resistant to chemical corrosion(resistant to concentrated hydrochloric acid,90% sulfuric acid,60% nitric acid and 20% Sodium hydroxide etc),but unsuitable for use in the event ofcontactingwith aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons.Internal grid scrim for strength, high tensile strength and resistant to ultra-violet.Above are pictures of rectangle and circular glass fabric flange guard assembled over the equipment.The material is transparent PVC, which helps to discover and solve safety problems caused by flange leakage at the first time.


Applications: Indoor

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