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How to prevent the flange seal failure at high temperatures(flange guards)

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Update time : 2019-07-25 09:20:00
1. Set the insulation lining the inside of the ring gasket and flange for changing the heating situation Flanges, bolts and gaskets, reducing its temperature and the temperature difference between them, to avoid the bolt reaches the yield and creep and flange produce deformation;
2. Using Looper flange can better resist thermal shock and thermal cyclic loading;
3. Using bolt length sleeves can be lengthened. The total length of the bolt and sleeve to compensate for thermal stress can play a role, it allows the flange has a larger displacement axial thermal expansion, and bolt stress reach the yield limit, which play a protective role of the gasket will not be overloaded;
4. bolts plus spring washers. It has the effect of absorbing expansion. However, due to the rigidity of the elastic washer is much smaller than the sleeve, can not bear too much gasket preload, easily flattened, it does not apply under high pressure, while the elastic gasket temperature is not too high, so as not to tempering and loss of elasticity;
5. Avoid temperature difference upwards in the flange weeks; especially in the case of longitudinal bulkhead, the high temperature side lined with insulating lining or installation of the water jacket, it tends to be close to the circumferential temperature;
6. The gasket material should be choosed ccording to the level of the right temperature and pressure;
7. Try to reduce the temperature difference between the cylinder and the flange. So as not to increase the preload spacer spacer caused fatigue and bolt relaxation, resulting in leaks.
In doing the above preventive measures, to take preventive measures, you can add the flange cover (flange guards), so that we can effectively prevent the flange gasket failure, unexpected splash of liquids staff and equipment damage caused.
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