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flange spray shield China PTFE cover


Baiyinwantongda Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture and sale flange safety coverleakproof valve safety cover. The main products such as flange and leakproof valve safety cover are widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, smelting industry and effectively protect flange and valve pipe joints from liquid leakage and high temperature steam spray.

We offer various safety covers of flange and valve to protect personnel and equipment from interface leakage of pipelines used for transporting liquids, especially high corrosive pipelines transporting acid and alkali. Over the years our company continuously improves the technology to meet the demands of customers. In accordance with the industry standard and international standard, sizes are available upon request.

Our company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. We produce a series of high-quality flange safety covers for users. We also supply various flange safety covers according to the actual needs of customers in addition to produce standard flange safety covers.  


PTFE flange Safety Shield

Feature:It is made from PTFE,high tensile strength, resistant to ultra-violet, temperature -70℃ to  280℃. Except for molten alkali-metal,it can be resistant to corrosion of any chemical agents.It is designed for protecting flanges of different PH of pipelines,easy to assemble,long service life.There is a thickening type available.

Model:WFT-2H WFT-1H